Wrestling bloodiest matches history

wrestling bloodiest matches history

But can "Space Mountain" claim one of the twenty-five bloodiest matches in wrestling history? To some people, blood is rather gross. The sight.
Some of the most memorable matches in wrestling history involved blood, lots of it. Whether it was planned or not, real or fake, bloody matches.
So here€™s the problem with writing a list-based article based on the bloodiest pro wrestling matches you can find that have been on the telly..

Wrestling bloodiest matches history - flying easy

Guerrero would keep the title, losing the match via disqualification. This match, unlike most others on the list, didn't feature the traditional facet of blood pouring from a wound on the forehead. During the match, an injury to a cameraman caused the doors to unlock and the battle was taken outside of the cage. The fifth bloodiest match in wrestling history cannot have a video attached to it because of the rather dubious nature of the content in question.
wrestling bloodiest matches history

It should come as no surprise then that the pair's legendary brawl in Japan made our list. The fifth bloodiest match in wrestling history wrestling bloodiest matches history have a video attached to it because of the rather dubious nature of the content in question. Another WWE Star Has Her Private Photos Leaked. Browse istanbulconference.info ad free. Michaels was eliminated first and Benoit would eventually put Triple H into a Crippler Crossface, prompting Triple H to submit. Then Muta goes to the outside to introduce a foreign object, Hase grabs it from him, and the gore starts to flow. The multi-millionaire WWE owner has put his own body on the line multiple times to get talent over, and what other CEO would literally spill his blood in front of a paying audience? Steve Austin has had several memorable grudge matches in his career, with a lot of blood spilled along the way. Chaos reigned throughout the entire match, advice where find virgin girl marry ECW never did the barbed wire rope gimmick. A stray barb tore open one of his biceps, and he had to roll to the outside and seal the grisly wound with athletic tape. Michaels was thrown into the announcers table, Hulk took a steel chair to the face, both wrestlers performed some high-flying drops, and both ended up bloody. Michaels, who had rarely been bloodier in his career, wrestling bloodiest matches history, managed to pick up the win after interference from the debuting Kane. Going against the policy at the time, Flair and Savage decided to do a blade job to create a bit more of a spectacle.

Wrestling bloodiest matches history - journey

In one of the nastiest scenes in the promotion's history, the Undertaker seemed to puncture an artery in his head, causing his entire face to become covered with blood, staining the ring canvas and the floor mats along the way. The Undertaker quickly started off the match with a deadly punch on Vince, busting him open and the blood was visible right from the very start. That is until Savage used a double axehandle to hit Flair, sending him into the steel barricade, which resulted in Flair sporting a face full of blood. Eventually, Triple H would win the match after performing The Pedigree on Jack and executing a pin. While the action may not have been as high-flying as today, you could always count on some old fashioned hatred rendering up some incredible, albeit bloody confrontations. And because we like squicking people out, of course. In yet another Hell in a Cell, this time it was Brock Lesnar who dominated the Undertaker, making him bleed more than anyone had ever seen. Exclusive Booking videos by Adam Blampied.

wrestling bloodiest matches history