Urltv loaded calicoe lyrics

urltv loaded calicoe lyrics

Just watched this calicoe vs loaded lux battle maaaannn if u a fan of lyrics and @ urltv. YooLenny 12 Sep I Keep Watchin That Loaded Lux vs Calicoe.
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Lyrics of LOADED LUX VS CALICOE by URLtv: Round 1 Calicoe, Lux you are a grown man, You brought a casket with you?, Either you had...

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Light a blunt, bleed the block. See, he just talk them gun bars, gun that, gun this. For a plate of steak and a quart of water. Every son should be proud of his father, and I look at my little one, and I want the same for mine. You think him being a proctor, or you being a proctor make you the professor? This what champions look like. To be more together with him in a cage in five. With them metal four's—and I still rap.

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  • Aye, Jay Rawstein—and I'm not lyin'!
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  • I thought about you and your man in that picture. Its like the farmer told the potato,.


Urltv loaded calicoe lyrics - flying fast

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