Type diabetes school pack

type diabetes school pack

Get your free school pack if you have a pupil at school with type 1 diabetes.
In the mean time, the following downloads are designed to assist teachers and staff in schools to understand type 1 diabetes and how to manage the student.
It has been designed to help teachers and families support children with type 1 diabetes at school and preschool, helping children to learn, grow and have fun..

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Organise your own fundraiser. Download from the online shop. Mastering Diabetes is a new NDSS resource to help families, teachers and paediatric endocrinology teams.

type diabetes school pack

Duty of Care Information. Further information and support. Diabetes and daily Life. You can order both the School Pack and e-learning module for free, or you can click the images below to read more about team match west linton resource. Sample Medical Conditions Policy. The flip chart is a comprehensive booklet including specific issues surrounding the management of diabetes such as: hypoglycaemia low blood glucose level — BGLfood, exercise, exams and high Type diabetes school pack. IHP — a child's individual health care plan. Where the event might be held? Diabetes Australia Research Program. My child has just been diagnosed. Diabetes in schools — legal information. Does your school care for children and young people living with diabetes brilliantly? Diabetes and daily Life. The National Diabetes Services Scheme is an initiative of the Australian Government administered with the assistance of Diabetes Australia. None of our much-needed work would be possible without your kind support, so please, make a donation. Diabetes Emergency Information Poster. Statory Guidance: England — legal duties on schools.

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Find out more about fundraising for us. The increasing prevalence of diabetes in younger people means that as a teacher it is highly likely that you will have a student with diabetes in your class at sometime. Diabetes and daily Life.. School pack for parents and schools. Your child and diabetes. The school has a duty of care to create a safe environment and adequate supervision.

type diabetes school pack