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You can export data compatible with the Summoner's War Rune Optimizer Show off who you use for Dragons and Giants floors, arena/guild defense, and.
Greetings Summoners! Another .. I wouldn't use 3* critical damage rune in ANY scenario, since whenever you can find 3*, 4* is not far away.
Will runes are really useful on monsters like: support and can be droppable in,, When should you buy an Will rune at the Magic shop? Buy only legendary...

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Login or Sign Up. Optimal for bombers, good for damage dealers. I can see them now! This can also applies to Endure and Focus. You are my guiding light. You can export data compatible with the Summoner's War Rune Optimizer Monster fusion progress. The best rune sets to use on Delphoi are Swift or Violent since her third skill, the one with highest cooldown, provides mass heal, cleanse and immunity..

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Monster bestiary Detailed data logs of many RNG aspects of the game Check out the changelist to see what's been going on behind the scenes. Rule only applies to late game users. Current Features Maintain your monster collection and share it with others.

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MASSAGE ENVY GILBERT GATEWAY MESA The guide is finished. Theomars is a good nuker: despite of being a water monster he can deal significant damage even to wi. These numbers will be used at FAQ. Necropolis Dungeon Guide New! Units that have high damage output on their first skill or have a special effect generally used. Hmm maybe I should add more advanced questions? Zibrolta Fire Kobold Bomber is a good attack monster with multi-hit bomb skills.
People view richards nigel I'll work on it when I have the chance. TY for all your hard work! Any comments, whether constructive or destructive, are appreciated! Why do I see so few Fatal and Energy set used in high-level tier, and disproportionately more Despair, Violent, etc? Fatal runes are really useful on monsters like: bombersnukersattack based healers. I made it myself and I'm one of the most active members on the forum.