Story scandal finale happy ending

story scandal finale happy ending

Here's what I really thought of that Scandal finale twist. Image: ABC Well, at least as happy an ending as Scandal probably ever will. Sure, all.
[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Scandal's season finale. Fitz tells Mellie (Bellamy Young) he plans to divorce her and run for re-election with Olivia by his side. Olivia, who finds out that Fitz killed Verna (Debra Mooney), tells POTUS to go back to Mellie and.
Did it just get real bright in here or was that just Scandal's weirdly happy ending? Pretty much everyone but Papa Pope (and maybe Jake, and.

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Then he's going to pretend date some women and eventually, it will leak that he fell in love with Liv after he was shot and America will fall in love with her for that. There is no light. Olivia has and will never choose Jake and the same goes for Fitz with Mellie.

He had Amanda Tanner killed in season one and orchestrated the shootings to get Vargas running, he was going to kill his husband but only barely changed his mind. But RealTalk, I probably would've done the same thing because as we all know, story scandal finale happy ending, there are three times in life when you need to mind your business and keep your eyes on your own paper: blue-book exams, oral sexy times, and after you fart in an elevator. Which moments surprised you the most? Bush administration press aide Judy Smithwho serves as a co-executive producer. The program airs at the same time in Canada through the City television local gabriel dance classes with simsubbing of the ABC feed. Fitz wants Liv to be his First Lady, and she tells them she can't leave OPA because they need. This show used to be smart and creative and now it is so boring and predictible. Talk smart about TV! His next chief of staff?

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I love Mellie and Jake. Now, she is a puppet, a shell of a person. I think she has chosen him FINALLY! The White Hat was an idea that was never really realized or worn by ANYONE on this show. Add To Watchlist Edit Edit Watchlist. No sex is that good to stay with a murderer especially when he killed one of your friends RIP James. Back to the story at hand: Cy is caught up to speed and thinks getting rid of Sally isn't the worst idea.

story scandal finale happy ending

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Because of this scene, every church fan, window fan, and ceiling fan in the country was turned on and directed at women's crotches. Shonda has become a stale, tired joke. Every single grand juror sat dead inside a bus, massacred.

story scandal finale happy ending