Shock is a life-threatening medical condition and is a medical emergency. If shock is suspected call 911 or get to an emergency department  ‎ Medical Shock · ‎ Related Diseases · ‎ Images & Quizzes.
Medical shock may result from carbon monoxide poisoning, congestive heart failure, collapsed lung, heart attack, anemia, dehydration, and.
Circulatory shock, a life-threatening medical emergency characterized by the inability of the circulatory system to supply enough oxygen to meet tissue....

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There are many types of shock. It can eventually lead to organ failure. All forms of shock are life threatening. Shock can be caused by any condition that reduces blood flow, including: Heart problems such as heart attack or heart failure Low blood volume as with heavy bleeding or dehydration Changes in blood vessels as with infection or severe allergic reactions Certain medicines that significantly reduce heart function or blood pressure Shock is often associated with heavy external or internal bleeding from a serious injury. Septicemia is bacterial infection spread through the entire vascular system of the body.


This condition is considered a medical emergency. Let us know how we can improve this article. Action between the sheets can help you get all of this and. Choose the Right Birth Control. I have a medical question. Health Solutions From Our Sponsors. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions, shock.

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When to Contact a Medical Professional. URAC's accreditation program is an independent audit to verify that A.