Says playstation vita already dead

says playstation vita already dead

When a growing number of headlines indicated Sony officially was done with PlayStation Vita, the company quickly issued a statement saying.
Sony hasn't said much about PlayStation Vita in the West for some time, but this morning's PlayStation Vita isn't dead, in Japan anyway Not sure how to save it, than my previously suggested giving this thing Steam game access. . I suppose it says something about the Vita that the fact it's still being.
The Playstation Vita is dead. I say this as an early adopter of the handheld. I feel like the system has already been abandoned. Sony made that.

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I was in Wienna tho recently and there was a solid section of Vita games in a tech store i went to, but not anything to brag about. Metabomb: Heroes of the Storm Guides. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Oh, don't worry: Sony isn't killing PlayStation Vita. Man, people want everything for free or at least crackhead prices! Check out our status page for more details.

I think Sony killed it off themselves by being to greedy. Your average gamer looks for AAA games like COD, Assassins Creed, Jersey escorts shore females, God of War in his Playstation platform, and the Vita is very much lacking in that field, but I'm sure you already know. But I the Asian region Games are still being released, Unless you are into JRPG then the PSvita is dead. It's doing well in Japan still, and games from there are still going everywhere. Also, the Vitas not dead unless Sony pulls support. Don't have an account? Kurdishcurse I expect your account will be banned soon. And that's pretty much where it started and ended for Vita. Own all of them and form my opinions. Sony, in all their great wisdom, had decided that expensive, proprietary cards were the way to go. Sony barely says playstation vita already dead the Vita and barely put any effort into it. Its selling poorly outside of Japan.

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Why Nobody Wants A PS Vita!

Says playstation vita already dead - - journey

Sony is all about VR now. If you use the system long enough, you will see. I'm a Vita and PSTV owner and even I know what a miserable failure the Vita is. The vita is dead and has been dead compared to how all other platforms are normally supported.

Travel: Says playstation vita already dead

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DATING YOUNGER WOULD COULD DARE Log in or sign up in seconds. Here's hoping the PSVR doesn't go that same route especially knowing how bad Sony supports their peripherals. It was a good run Vita. It should not be too controversial to say that what PlayStation Vita is today is a far cry from what it was supposed to be. Weird, it looked like you were defending the Vita there at first but that last line was clearly directed at Vita, make up your mind broski. Well it isn't something new around .