Reflecting sexy star mariposa

reflecting sexy star mariposa

Why Sexy Star and Mariposa's rivalry means so much to main stream As the main event for the night, Sexy Star took on Mariposa in a brutal Previous Story R.I.P. Chyna: Reflecting on WWE's “Ninth Wonder of the World”.
Sexy Star won the lucha version of an 'I Quit' match, but the moment a match of the year contender when Sexy Star took on Mariposa in a 'No.
sexy stars tells mariposa to Fuck herself. FUUUUUCK YOU MARIPOSA!!!. Reincarnated King. Loading.

Reflecting sexy star mariposa tour

Such a ballsy performance for a female character! Cage then hit a mighty reverse TKO, but Taya kicks out.

reflecting sexy star mariposa

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  • It was a brilliant exercise in choreography. You may not post replies.
  • While Pentagon terrorized the roster with arm breaking attacks, it was Sexy Star who not only stood up to him, who prevented his attacks, but who also faced him and defeated him in a one on one match. Starting out proceedings this week is Sexy Star, who is greeted by The Mac in the locker room area:. And she pointed out things about the match and the story going into it that I hadn't even thought of, and that's probably because I'm a dude.
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  • By Hollywood Chris Hall.

Killshot vs Dante Fox vs Mariposa vs Jeremiah Crane Lucha Underground Highlights

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View Post Any chance you can post this? Dario agrees and makes the match. Smetimes we forget that, at its core, professional wrestling is a performance art. I am so happy for Melissa getting this role. I have not seen a women's match with such brutality, emotion, and dramatic storytelling -- and that includes Sasha versus Bayley at Brooklyn.