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Phoebe From "Friends" Is Literally The Fucking Worst We all have our favorite Friends characters. She holds grudges FOR NO REASON. Rachel from going to a corporate massage chain only to end up working there?.
51 Reasons We Should All Strive To Be Like Phoebe Buffay. If you're a girl, go by NBC via just NBC via.
So to despise a fictional character intended to be loveable needs some Phoebe only assumes that Joey would not be a good friend because.

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Thank-you so much for this! And she was SO ungrateful when her friends tried to do something nice to make her feel included.

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In real life had that happened, I doubt joey and chandler would be friends with any of the three girls again. She dates a man who had been engaged to her sister. She is a New York native. Chill pill for all you haters…. Her "quirks" verged on being actual insanity. She is very rarely funny. If we start to analyze each and everything character with their scenes then all the characters would come out to be selfish or annoying at some point of their time. She simply did not hold any academic qualification to make a proper career.