Incodehq incode module

incodehq incode module

incode - module -classification - A module for Apache Isis for classifying (arbitrary) domain objects according to a predefined set of categorizations.
This module, intended for use with Apache Isis, provides the ability to attach Alias objects to arbitrary domain objects, where "alias" means an alternative.
incode - module -docrendering-stringinterpolator - A module for the Incode Document module, providing Renderer implementations using the Isis Addons....

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Also implemented getAliased similarly. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL..
incodehq incode module

For example, in the demo app the CommChannelDemoObject domain object can "own" communication channels by virtue of. To compile the code within your IDE you. It then pushes the entertainment country music and a tag to the specified remote. You can't perform that action at this time. Release an Interim Build. The layout provided in the demo app. The CommunicationChannelOwnerLink object is not intended to be rendered directly in the UI.

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There are no requirements for domain objects with aliases implement any interfaces. KIND, either express or implied. If you want to use the current -SNAPSHOT , then the steps are the same as above, except:. Users who have contributed to this file.