Greatest wrestling promos ever

greatest wrestling promos ever

Here we look back at some of the greatest talkers to business of sports entertainment has ever known and the promos that live on.
This channel is for those who miss being marked-out by the masters of the microphone. These clips are from my personal VHS tapes and contains what I believe.
You can have the greatest technical wrestling match in history, but if you want to see their matches without ever setting foot inside a ring....

Greatest wrestling promos ever - going fast

Punk had been popular for years with the fans, but was never able to convince the powers that be of his potential. It was repeated but never duplicated and as Jim Ross said that night, "captivated Greensboro and the world. Like, nothing gives me chills as much as that promo does.

greatest wrestling promos ever

Greatest wrestling promos ever -- flying

Exclusive Booking videos by Adam Blampied. Triple H proved everyone wrong the night after WrestleMania. It deserves its due and its place in these rankings. Terminated from WCW and unable to work while rehabbing an injury, Austin was contacted by his old friend and head of ECW, Paul Heyman. It was live events, house shows, that drove most of the revenue for wrestling organizations.