Fashion disco erotic massage wait

fashion disco erotic massage wait

Get all the lyrics to songs on Erotic Massage [Remastered] and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics.
date is planned for the set. You can also find the original version of “ Wait ” below for comparison. Tags Dog Fashion Disco, Erotic Massage.
DFD is releasing an all new version of their cult debut album " Erotic Massage "! Order it now at

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So turn and blame. Check genius for updates. I watch my time stand still. We've secretly replaced your pathetic existence with more pain, anguish and. She came from the wrong side of town.
fashion disco erotic massage wait

When they're fucking with your head. The end is fate. Some say the anti-Christ is among us. At the thought of you. The band is incredibly excited for everyone to hear the new versions of these songs. Songs of love gone wrong. I just can't go on anymore. And through the pain she turned her eyes .

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  • A corpse is a corpse, of course it is. Mouth Of The Architect. Into a bloody pulp.
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Erotic Massage [Remastered]

Fashion disco erotic massage wait going easy

Invite him to a party and he glows like a plastic Jesus. I think I'd rather be dead. To learn more about participating in the Genius Editorial project, check out the contributor guidelines. Relentless Execution Of Ceremonial Excrescence. I'm not afraid, afraid of dying anymore. I said wait, I said wait, said, give love a chance.