Decide between qualified candidates

decide between qualified candidates

This article discusses strategies to help you choose between two candidates who are equally qualified for a position.
Recruitment advice on how to choose between two equally qualified candidates for roles in the not for profit sector.
While getting to decide between two qualified candidates is a pretty great recruiting problem to have, it certainly doesn't make the final decision....

Decide between qualified candidates -- expedition

So, how do you decide between these two equally qualified candidates? Moreover, which of the two would you rather have a beer with after work? Photo of job candidates courtesy of Shutterstock. When recruiters knock a search out of the park, they return with a host of qualified candidates. It may soon become clear that one candidate is much keener than the other on the opportunity. Are they pursuing a post-graduate degree? They Offer Them the Job. The chances that the employee would leave when there are high levels of motivational fit are very low.
decide between qualified candidates

Decide between qualified candidates journey

Take a second look at the job description and re-focus on the two or three mission critical skills, given both the internal strengths and weaknesses of your business, as well as the opportunities and threats that the team faces. Better to cut things loose now before more damage is done — and the other candidate has moved on. While both may be impressive, most of the time the role is better suited to one of the two. Keep what turns out to be the No. Additionally, you should go beyond elements of the job itself and talk about compensation, benefits, advancement opportunities, and organizational culture. Alissa has experience managing entry-level through executive level assessment and selection efforts across a number of different industries including government, financial,. If the candidate prefers to work by themselves on projects, then his level of motivational fit is lower.