Chinese series torn between lovers

chinese series torn between lovers

In the Damien Lau and Su Ming Ming's TTV drama series Huan Jun . Torn Between Two Lovers (DVD) (End) (China Version) DVD.
English Title: Torn Between Two Lovers /Returning Pearl to Husband This is a remake of the television series starring Su Ming Ming.
Torn Between Two Lovers Information, Torn Between Two Lovers Reviews, Synonyms: Ban Bu I want to know where i can watch this drama with eng sub.

Chinese series torn between lovers traveling Seoul

Between the two men, who deserved Ming Zhu more? Shop Asian Fashion at YesStyle. This video product does not have English audio or subtitles. Shen Meng Sheng as Jin Zai Yue Ming Zhu's father. Tian Fu who had seen the whole thing is angry and yells at his friends. Ma Jun would have been a great character to keep, but had he lived, it would have been hard to root for whom Ming Zhu should end up with.

Ming Zhu appears and makes up with Tian Bao, Tian Bao threatens to harm her but Yang Hong was prepared and pulled out her gun, she blames everything on Ming Zhu and wishes to kill Ming Zhu so that Tian Bao would know how it feels to lose the one you love. Price Drops in Games. His feelings for Ming Zhu grows and it pains him even more, he goes out drinking and is dragged back by Tian Fu and friends, Ming Zhu stays to take care of him all night. Ming Zhu, isn't a very tough character to play, depending on how each actress interoperates the character, the viewers will see a different type of Ming Zhu. Please reload the page and try. However, his Qian Tian Bao, I didn't really like, he seemed too old to play the character at some parts, mostly at parts where he was required to show Tian Bao's mischievous and fun loving nature, he seemed out of place and a bit too old to be acting so childish. Da Zuo as Mo Mo, chinese series torn between lovers. Sun Xing fitted the character well, he looked like a bandit and portrayed his sadness well, and he was a character that was so tortured by his past he wished to ease it by killing those he dimmed similar to the people who killed his family, which in his eyes sybian flush blush turn everyone in the world. Other Versions of " Torn Between Two Lovers DVD End China Chinese series torn between lovers ". They were both very beautifully film, escrito regresso nada sombra carcere contrast between the two scenes one after another was done very effectively, especially when Sun Xing's Ma Jun followed suit on his horse, travelling the same path as Ming Zhu. Sun Xing as Ma Jun. He drugs Tian Bao before the wedding and takes him away, while Tian Hong forges a break up letter from Tian Bao to Yang Hong on the wedding day.

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Tian Fu seeing how his brother is suffering, goes and talks to Zhi Wen. See pictures for Torn Between Two Lovers. He also tells his father who proceeds to beat up both sons then goes to look for Tian Bao. All transactions at are handled in U. Pretty Girls In Pretty Ancient Clothing. Tian Bao captures both Yang Hong and Tian Hong and wants to kill them to avenge for the lives they took, Yang Hong declares she is pregnant with a Qian child, Ming Zhu stops Tian Bao and he agrees to let them go.

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