Blocks hoonigan ford escort

blocks hoonigan ford escort

(Hoonigan Industries Press Release). Ken Block and Hoonigan Industries are proud to introduce Block's first-ever, rear-wheel-drive Gymkhana.
Hoonigan driver Ryan Tuerck will be piloting this revamped 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 RS in its competition.
For more details on Ken Block's 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 RS Gymkhana Machine: http://blog.

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I bet you that if it wasn't Ken Block's car and it didnt have a Rocket Bunny bodykit, it wouldn't be anywhere near as popular. Interior: OEM Recaro Seats, SYNC Navigation. My family was cursed with not only the crappy USDM Escort, but also the somehow worse Escort Wagon. I suspect that much of the initial chassis prep was undertaken back when this was a rally car. Pick up your jaw up, then contemplate slapping some sense into them, or the other way around? First off, look where the engine is located. Raptor Retrofit Headlights with custom, integrated Ken Block skull logo. Think of the real clubmen out there, building very fast Fords before rating this one.
blocks hoonigan ford escort

Whats not like about this car. A pair of Recaro SPG carbon-Kevlar seats "blocks hoonigan ford escort" surrounded by what can only be described as a tubular work of art. Great car ruined by the wrong flag on the hood! Adequate in a machine incodehq incode module in the late Seventies. Interior: KB Edition Beard Seats. I wouldn't be so hard on Block with regards to the "rebranding" of autotesting. The wide arch bodykit on Ken Block's Ford Escort is by tuning firm Rocket Bunny.

[HOONIGAN] Ryan Tuerck gets first go in Ken Block's Gymkhana Escort!

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This website is made by BBC Worldwide. Awesome post, would love to take this around the istanbulconference.infoys. The MAX X RS Turbo received a Can-Am sport roof, doors and windscreen, as well as matching wide flares to his two-door. Thanks for a great article and brilliant pictures. Three pedals, but a sequential gearbox - potential drift magic. That hydro handbrake ought to come in handy, too. Hoonigan Industries Press Release. I stoked to see what Ken accomplishes with this little beast.