Articles single family zones back

articles single family zones back

The R-1 Single Family Residential Zone is intended for neighborhoods of single Administrative use permit required (see Article 19, Division 4.1) . Rear. 15 feet. Interior side. At least 10% of lot width, but no less than 3 feet and.
Multi-unit housing in single - family zones map by OpenStreetMap nestled between single - family homes; houses with ADUs downstairs or out back. In future articles I'll delve into the zoning history that created these units.
Article 2. Residential Zones. Covington, Kentucky. Page 2-1. Article 2. .. provision only applies to an existing building being converted into single - family residential When the exterior wall or eaves are set back less than 2 feet from...

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New Luck Toy Insists It's a Bar, but the Food's the Charm. Stable or corral, non-commercial, for keeping horses owned by the owner or occupant of the property only. Office, business or professional. The Density Bonus Housing Agreement shall be recorded prior to final or parcel map approval, or, where the Housing Development does not include a map, prior to issuance of a building permit for any structure in the Housing Development. Standards for Off-Site Units. The Inclusionary Housing Agreement must include, at a minimum, the following information: i. No vehicle may be parked in a required front yard or street-facing side yard. Such organization shall not be dissolved, nor shall it dispose of any common open space without first offering to dedicate such space to the City.

Maximum number of stories. All landscape areas within common open space areas must be accessible by pedestrians. The existing grade may not be altered for the purpose of lowering the elevation of a garage or carport floor below the top of the curb. The second dwelling unit is restricted to the approved size. Inclusionary Units may be smaller in aggregate size and have different interior finishes and features than Market-rate Units so long as the interior features are durable, of good quality and consistent with contemporary standards for new housing. For purposes of measuring height in this section, it is measured from grade, not from finished floor. Where the entire block frontage in a Planned Residential Development is designed and developed as a unit, the front yard requirements may be varied provided that the average front yard depth for the entire block frontage is not less than that required in the zone. Floor Area shall be calculated for each story and includes the horizontal area within exterior finish face walls. Each applicant for a home occupation shall at the time the application is filed pay planning first date must points impress your dream girl fee as set forth in this Code or in the Burbank Fee Resolution. This standard is not intended to "articles single family zones back" hipped roofs. Your Morning Brief will arrive every weekday morning. All parking spaces must be clear of and unobstructed by any encroachments, including but not limited to structural features, shelves, cabinets, appliances, and equipment. When calculating the required number of Affordable Units, any calculations resulting in fractional units shall be rounded to the next larger integer.

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The following requirements apply to private open space areas: a. Provision must be made in the escrow dispute resolution procedures for setting aside the disputed amount so that it is not subject to any other disbursements. In the event the applicant or other party submits a timely appeal, the Director will set a hearing before the Planning Board. The waiver or modification would have a specific adverse impact upon health, safety, or the physical environment, and there is no feasible method to satisfactorily mitigate or avoid the specific adverse impact without rendering the development unaffordable to low- and moderate-income households. Appeal of concession and incentives shall comply with DR appeal procedures. Maximum Height Primary Building Above Natural grade. For the purposes of this Section, primary view means the following: a. Development standards for Single Family zoning including height, bulk and lot coverage ratios continue to apply.

articles single family zones back